Dillon Powers with bandage over eye after receiving stitches on April 20, 2013
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Dillon Powers' post-game reaction following home win over New England

Colorado Rapids midfielder Dillon Powers following 2-1 home win over New England:

On the own goal:

"I just took a corner so I was out on that right side and the ball was over on the left for a  while so I hung back out of the sight of the defender. It finally got switched back over and I just tried to get the ball in the box and take on my man and get something hard across the box and sometimes that happens."

On playing more of a holding midfielder in the second half:

"I’ve played that position a lot in college, that’s where I mainly played. The forward role is something that I’ve been developing more over this season but I’m very comfortable in the middle."

On media suggesting he could win Rookie of the Year:

"It would be a nice accolade, I think more importantly is getting this team in the playoffs and that’s my number one goal."

On playing against fellow SuperDraft pick Andrew Farrell:

"He went to Louisville, he was in the Big East. We played every year and have a pretty good relationship. So it was kind of fun, especially because I started on his side so we were kind of joking around during the game. It was fun."

On how he’s feeling midway through the season:

"I think after those six games that we had on the road in 22 days, it was definitely a certain level of fatigue there. But this last weekend we had off, which was very nice and I kind of got my legs back under me so now we can make a good push in the playoffs."

On facing Seattle on Saturday:

"We definitely need a result there against a conference opponent. It’s very tight right now, that playoff race. We want to get in there and we don’t want to look back. I think we’re just going to have to go in there with a strong mentality and maybe ride the [momentum from the] last four games that we’ve had."