Drew Moor
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Drew Moor on win over LA: I think we can be better

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following 2-0 home win over LA:

On the game:

"I think it might have looked a little bit differently than it actually felt on the field. I think we have a lot to improve upon from this game. It was hot, it was muggy, I think it zapped some of the energy from LA, as well as some of the energy from us. But I think we can be better to be honest and that’s a good sign. When you beat the defending champs 2-0 and again not everybody’s overly excited and it’s very similar to last Saturday in Seattle when we came out with a draw. I think that’s a good sign but certainly happy to get the three points going into another very big weekend coming up here."

On points of improvement: 

"I didn’t think we possessed the ball as well as we have been. We gave the ball away in silly spots. LA did a very good job of overloading the middle, which is where our strength is at times. We didn’t do a good job keeping it, we didn’t do a good job getting the ball wide when the opportunity was on. I just think we need a more polished game next time and obviously with LA missing some players we were able to take advantage of that extremely well but I don’t think anybody in here is satisfied yet."

On set pieces:

"We work on it a lot more than we did last year. Actually in practice we go over it every week, several days a week usually at the end of some practice sessions and that’s key because we knew LA had given up a lot of set piece goals coming in and we wanted to take advantage of that. We know that they’re also good at set pieces and so I thought we did a good job, first of all not giving them too many dangerous spots. Although they certainly did have a couple but we stayed concentrated and that’s just practice being put into match day, which is a good sign."

On thoughts on the RSL game next week:

"I think that’s where everybody’s focus is now. We’ll enjoy this tonight but that’s an even bigger one."