Defender Chris Klute looks to move past loss and prepare for match at LA Galaxy

Colorado Rapids defender Chris Klute following the 2-1 loss at Sporting KC:

On the heat as a factor:

"It was really hot, the sun wasn’t even out and you just feel the heat. It was really draining on us as the game went on."

The response from the team after a slow first half:

"We picked it up in the second half. We came out a little faster like we wanted to play. The first half, we came out a little slow. We’re trying to get out of that habit. In the second half, we scored a goal. We needed to come around and tie it up and we knew that. So we tried to come out harder and then they got that second one and it killed us."

On the change from earlier in the season until now:

"Now these games are for playoff points. The beginning of the season doesn’t even matter anymore because everyone’s pretty much even on the points and we know that. It’s a different ball game so we need to change our game up a little bit."

On getting back on track next week:

"It starts with preparation for LA. We’ll watch footage on their game play. We also need to stay organized; I think that’s the key for us. I think maybe we broke down at the end of the game and that’s how they got their second goal. So we need to work on that this week and be ready for LA."

On the traveling fans:

"That’s awesome that they come here for us to cheer us on. What more can you say, we’re excited to have them and we’re glad they came out. We play for them."

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