Oscar Pareja post-game

Pareja: It was unfortunate that we lost points; it was on us

Capids head coach Oscar Pareja following the 1-0 loss at Portland:

Thoughts on the match:
"I thought we dominated the rhythm. We tried to play with the ball when we could and we understood that this was a difficult surface, a difficult field, and sometimes is a challenge. But it was a team with initiative all the time and trying to get back in the score. I thought the boys played very well today."

On the team’s play in the final third:
"In the last third of the field, we needed to be clean. When we got in those spots we were forcing passing and shooting and I thought we could be a bit more patient and build something different. We had energy, we had chances, but we needed to be cleaner."

On the Timbers goal:
"It was obviously a mistake. It was unfortunate that we lost points; it was on us."

On having a week off to prepare for their next match:
"It's the same. The routines are going to stay the same. The work, the effort, all that we have done so far is not going to change."