Deshorn Brown: We played with the mentality of getting three points

Colorado Rapids forward Deshorn Brown scored two goals in the 5-1 home win over Seattle:

On scoring a goal in the first 13 15 seconds (official time according to MLS):
"[The ball] was coming my way and I just took it, and we just started from there. We played a long ball and headed back to Torres, then he played back to me and I just ran up to it and put it in the back of the goal."
On the importance of scoring early:
"That’s been one of our main targets at training for the whole season and now that’s one of our strengths. So we just use it as the game was about to start and found the net first. It was a huge win. No one expected [us to score that quickly] but we just came out here with the mentality of getting three points to put ourselves in a good playoff spot it’s just the mentality we had and we pushed ourselves."
On how this helps his push for Rookie of the Year:
"I’m just doing the job. I’m just helping the team, and I’m glad to be here for the Colorado Rapids. I work every day when I go out there. I’m just working hard and if [the award] comes my way I’ll take it."
On whether they’ve been practicing finishing lately:
"We’ve been doing a lot of finishing this week. We had sessions on finishing on Wednesday and Thursday. It was pretty good. I think that’s where it’s coming from. The guys were really motivated and I’m just happy for us tonight."