Colorado Rapids Staff Holds Mock World Cup Draw

On Thursday, the Colorado Rapids sales team gathered around a board to hold a mock World Cup Draw. The first step, of course, was to research the rules and procedures so that our final result was as accurate as any mock draw could be.

Naturally, we were most concerned about where the US could potentially land.

And the group was excited to see that in our mock draw, the US was pitted against Ghana and Greece, with Colombia rounding out the group.

Another exciting group was Group A: Brazil, England, Mexico and France. Wow.

All in all, the mock draw was a great way to get the staff excited for the actual draw tomorrow morning and served as a good reminder of just how exciting it is to work in professional soccer!

Group A: Brazil, England, Mexico, France
Group B: Switzerland, Nigeria, Korea Rep., Portugal
Group C: Uruguay, Côte d’Ivoire, Australia, Netherlands
Group D: Germany, Chile, Honduras, Russia
Group E: Spain, Algeria, Japan, Bosnia
Group F: Belgium, Ecuador, Iran, Croatia
Group G: Colombia, Ghana, USA, Greece
Group H: Argentina, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Italy

Told to by Matt Barnes, Account Executive - Group Tickets.