Podcast 44 - Marlon Hairston

Rapids Podcast: the good ol' days meets progress in the world of soccer

This week's Rapids Podcast has a different feel about it, as we slide into preseason and edge toward the 2014 campaign.

The Rapids players returned to practice this week, and among the duties for the new players was to select their roster number. Hosts David Lindholm and Richard Fleming go all misty-eyed as they recall the days when players wore 1-11.

In a new feature, Richard glances around the world of soccer and selects his 'Numpty of the Week'. Who is first in the firing line? Clue: he has hurled his hat into the ring to become the next president of FIFA, and calls for orange cards, more video replays and more transparency within the sport's governing body.

And, as the Rapids head to Houston for their first action of preseason, we hear from Dynamo head coach, Dominic Kinnear. Kinnear was one of the original Rapids players, featuring in the club's first-ever MLS game in 1996. (Full Kinnear interview can be heard here).

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Saturday, September 16