Clint Irwin - training March 19

The XI most important things we learned from Clint Irwin's Reddit AMA

Colorado Rapids goalkeeper Clint Irwin answered fan questions through the MLS subreddit on Tuesday afternoon, fielding a wide range of questions. 

You can read the full transcript here but the most informative/entertaining tidbits are listed below.

I. Clint missed the Rapids season opener at New York but feels better and hopes to return to the pitch this weekend.

II. The Colorado Rapids locker room is positive about MLS expansion.

III. The consummate team player, Clint is only concerned with the team getting results, not who is in net.

IV. Clint looked up to Dutch goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar.

V. Goalkeepers often have their own halftime insights, and aren't shy about sharing them.

VI. If you're a fan of Clint's writing, he has launched a personal website.

VII. Some current Colorado Rapids players are the best forwards Clint has played with during his career

VIII. Shane O'Neill is the worst-dressed player on the team. Apparently, he has the worst taste in music as well.

IX. Clint offered some sound advice for young keepers, including "the next ball is all that matters". He had a bit of advice for goal scorers as well.

X. If you follow Clint on Twitter, you know that he is a basketball fan. He revealed which two teams he has picked to play in the NCAA Championship game.

XI. When asked which player could maintain a headstand for the longest, Clint offered a surprising answer.

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