Pablo at Real Salt Lake, May 17
Russ Isabella / USA Today Sports

Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake | Postgame Quotes

Pablo Mastroeni, Colorado Rapids Head Coach 

On the team’s spirit throughout the game:
“I think our guys battled like warriors out there today. I think we were able to impose ourselves for the better part of 60 minutes. The lack of finishing was what let us down in the end.”

On carrying this momentum into next week:
“This is all a process right now. It’s not about doing really well one week and then not showing up the next. It’s about being consistent and that will come with time. The idea is to get better defensively, to get better offensively and figuring out how we sustain that.”

On spreading the game out wide:
“Real Salt Lake like to play a really narrow formation and I thought it would be a good idea to pull some of their guys out. I feel like our guys did a great job of that. Salt lake had to do quite a bit more defending than any other of their games that I’ve seen. For us to do that for large patches of the game – that makes it a good performance to build on.”

On what he saw differently as a coach than as a player:
“Well I wanted to go out on the field and go play. I still have cleats that are polished in the locker room. I couldn’t have done anything tonight that those guys didn’t do. They battled hard tonight, they battled for each other.”

On the penalty kick:
“Well, like I’ve said, if the referee calls it, and this is the referee that is going to the world cup – the best in America, if he calls it, it’s a penalty kick.”

Drew Moor, Colorado Rapids Defender

On rebounding after the first Real Salt Lake goal:
“We had to dig ourselves out of a hole. You know they scored about 20 minutes in and after that it seemed to be a different game. We just can’t wait to get punched in the face before we start playing in a game like this. Disappointed in the start, but you can’t complain about the last twenty minutes. We were the better team, created more chances and on a better day probably score a little more.”

On the offensive showing of the team:
“I think belief from the team as a collection. Again, we waited to get punched in the face and then we realized that, hey, we can play with these guys. But it was just a sense of belief from a couple good passes, a couple good chances and we were back in the game.”