SOCO- June 5, 2014

Rapids SOCO Unified team races the weather during third team practice

The team met for the third time Saturday night at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. There was a special kind of electricity in the air as manyRapids fans were at the stadium for the Rapids game against the Chicago Fire. As practice went on, everyone was listening closely to the sounds coming from Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

>The team has really started coming together. Athletes and partners are starting to make new friends. The partners and coaches are working with the athletes to develop their skills. Shooting was a focus at the start of practice and after sending a few shots high the players started to rein it in. Once the shots were on target it was time to put someone in goal. Tony and Luke stepped into the net at opposite ends of the field and blocked shot after shot. With the help from the coaches Tony has turned up his goal keeping skills and is determined to stop them all.

>The practice was cut short by the approaching thunderstorm and Coach Ilima called it after an hour. The Rapids brought out ticket vouchers and some of the athletes and partners went in to watch the Rapids draw nil-nil. Not a bad way to end a practice. The team will meet again next Wednesday at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.