Pablo Mastroeni at New England
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Mastroeni appears on this week's Rapids Podcast

Pablo Mastroeni did not want to dwell on last Saturday's 1-0 home loss to rivals Real Salt Lake, but has further clarified his post-match comments in an interview with this week's Rapids Podcast (online from Thursday).

"I was gutted walking off the field, and shaking (Jeff) Cassar's hand," Mastroeni said. "I knew that we deserved more from that game and didn't get it. But then my mindset goes to 'what do we have to do to not experience those moments again?'

"I wanted to let it go. I didn't want to dwell on that, and sulk on that, but I also realize that as fans, I have to be cognizant of the way they feel."

Mastroeni issued a letter to fans, in the wake of comments made after the RSL defeat but stressed to Rapids Podcast co-hosts David Lindholm and Richard Fleming that his desire to win is greater now than it was when he was a player.

"For those few people that don't know me, and don't understand who I am, and don't understand what it takes to be a professional player in this league for X amount of years and play in world cups and to hoist an MLS Cup trophy, you have to be a winner.

"There can't be any doubt that you want to achieve greatness every day as a player. And that hasn't changed as a coach. It's actually gotten greater.

"And so, for me, it's just kinda explaining to people that I am one of the most passionate people, but doing my emotional laundry in the media isn't the best for myself and isn't the best for the players.

"There's a lot of constructive criticism that goes on behind closed doors, and I realize that as a group - and a relatively young group - there's a right way and a wrong way to do things, so I always have the players' best interest in mind when I speak to the media but I'm aware that I have to speak for everyone involved because the fans are just as important and are critical to our success moving forward."

Hear the interview in full in this week's Rapids Podcast.