Book an unforgettable on-field experience

Player Escorts - Group Size: 50+ Tickets

11 kids (age 12 or younger) will walk with the Rapids or the visiting team on the field as part of the pre-game procession and will receive a Rapids replica jersey, shorts and socks.


Halftime mini-games - Group Size: 80+ Tickets - Limit availability

Players of all skill levels, age 10 or younger, will get to play in a 7v7 Mini Game on the pitch at halftime. There is a maximum of 20 players allowed in each game.


Autograph Session - Group Size: 40+ Tickets

Sign your group up to meet a Colorado Rapids player and get their autographs after the conclusion of the game.


High 5 Squad - Group Size: 30+ Tickets

Up to 20 members from your Group, between ages 6-16, will get to high-five the players as they take the field before the second half kicks off.


Warmup Watchers - Group Size: 30+ Tickets

Prior to the game, your group will have the opportunity to watch the Rapids warm-up from field level.