The Homestay Program is designed to create a safe, healthy living environment and a rewarding experience for a talented young player for a player who resides outside of the Colorado Rapids market by providing the following:

  • Welcoming home & family environment
  • A safe and comfortable living space
  • Physical nourishment
  • Transportation to and from school and Colorado Rapids Academy activities

Welcoming Family Environment

A host family is welcoming a Colorado Rapids Academy player into their home as a member of the family. As the player is leaving the comfort of his own home and family on a temporary, but prolonged basis, the host family will be expected to provide a welcoming, safe and stable environment for the player. The mission of this program is for the host family to integrate the player into their existing family and home life and vice-versa.

Safe & Comfortable Living Space

The host family will provide the player with his own furnished bedroom, complete with a bed, desk for studying and a dresser and/or closet. In addition, the player will need easy access to internet, laundry and a nearby bathroom. The host family will also need to provide the player with a key and, if applicable, an alarm code to the home. A host family may ask the player to partake in reasonable household chores.

Physical Nourishment

It is crucial that elite soccer players maintain a well-balanced and nutritional diet that meets their physically demanding training and development. The host family will provide the player with three (3) nutritious meals per day, each day of the week. Families may continue their normal routines, but meals eaten together are preferred.

Academy Handbook

The host family will be provided an Academy handbook and is expected to be familiar with the policies and procedures as they relate to the player and the role of Academy parents.

Host Family Home Rules

We work with the host family to set reasonable house rules that the player is expected to follow.

Transportation to and from School and Colorado Rapids Soccer Activities

The host family will provide transportation for the player to and from all activities relating to commitments at school and with the Colorado Rapids Academy, including practices, games and related events.

Postseason Evaluation

After each season, the host family will be asked to provide feedback and submit an evaluation on the player and the Homestay Program. The player will also be asked to complete an evaluation. The host family may be asked if they would consider hosting the player for an additional year, pending the player’s playing status and standing with the Academy. The Colorado Rapids are under no obligation to extend or renew a host family or a player in the Homestay Program.