Antti Ronkanen

U-12 Coach

Antti Ronkanen joined the Rapids staff full-time in February of 2018. As the Grassroots Coordinator, Ronkanen scouts and identifies the players to enter the Development Academy at the U12 level and acts as an advisor for the age groups below U12 at Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club. Antti is also the head coach of the U12 Development Academy Team.

Prior joining the Development Academy, Ronkanen worked at the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club as U9-U10 Select Program Director and a Player Development Specialist 2014-2017. During his time there Ronkanen helped to build the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club into one of the top talent developers in Colorado.

2016-2017 Ronkanen served as the head coach of the 2004 Boys ODP team for Colorado Soccer Association.

Originally from Äänekoski, Finland, Antti lives in Denver with his wife Damaris.