Auston Trusty will play his first season with the Rapids in 2020 after joining the team in November via a trade with the Philadelphia Union. The 21-year-old defender, who is entering his third MLS season, showed his promise early on after setting a league record as the youngest player to start every regular-season game during his rookie season. While moving from his hometown of Philadelphia to Denver is sure to be a big change, it is one that Trusty is confident he will make with ease.

“I think I’m going to be an exciting player here,” Trusty said. “I’m looking forward to a new opportunity in a new environment with a young group and new coach. I’m excited to be in a new place that’s hungry to win.”

While Trusty had been to Colorado previously for a road match, his visit to the Rapids’ facility marked his first trip to really see the city of Denver. 

He started off his visit by meeting up with a few of his new teammates, specifically those he has played alongside before. Trusty played with Keegan Rosenberry in Philadelphia and has played with Kellyn Acosta, Jonathan Lewis and Sam Vines through US national team's matches and camps. He met up with the players in town, Rosenberry, Acosta and Vines, for a night in the city.

“My girlfriend and I went out to dinner with the guys and their wives and girlfriends, so that she can get used to stuff, too, coming out here with people she knows,” Trusty explained. “It was really good. The club has definitely made me feel at home.”

He was also impressed with the Denver community.

“It’s been different, a lot different than I thought it would be, in a sense. Everyone is happy! Everyone is super kind. Seriously. A lot of change, for the better.”

The pace of the city is another big difference he noticed.

“It’s just a different vibe than Philadelphia. In Philly, it’s jam-packed. Everyone’s going, everyone’s moving. I was here over the weekend, and I could count the number of people I saw on two hands because everyone is out of the city doing something. It’s good, a lot different, but only good things to say about it.”

Trusty is an intriguing addition to the Rapids’ young backline. He brings height and athleticism that should prove to be a major asset. While he’s only 21-years-old, he has experience anchoring the core of a defense. 

“My style of play is definitely intense, focused, hard working. I’m definitely doing all I can to win. You get all of my emotions; I show a lot of it on the field.”

Off the field, Trusty is easy going. He comes off as relaxed and confident. It’s important to him for fans to know that side of him, too.

“I’m approachable,” Trusty said. “In Philly, I was the guy that fans came up to. I’m always there. If you ask, I’ll give advice. If you DM me, I’ll answer. I know I’m no more special than anyone else. I’m just here to do my job, get my work done and grow as a player.”

Trusty’s openness is likely to make him loved by fans, and his excitement for the upcoming season is contagious. On the field, his potential to excel with this Rapids team exciting, and his natural fit in the city is encouraging for what the future could hold.