You can’t say this team doesn’t entertain…

82, 88, 90, 90, 92. Those are the minutes when the final goal has been scored in the last five games – in four of those contests the Rapids have taken points home in dramatic fashion.

Against Real Salt Lake, Dillon Serna’s late strike gave the side a big boost of confidence in the following weeks. In DC, a bad break in the form of a deflected own goal was the difference. At home against LA and San Jose, Sam Nicholson and Nana Boateng made sure the team grabbed three points in thrilling wins. And Tuesday night, facing the Galaxy for the second time in 10 days, the team looked as if they were confident they could keep fighting back as long as there was still time on the clock. LA took the lead twice, and the Rapids responded twice.

"I'm incredibly proud of how the team has been working over the last five, six games," Hudson said. "I think it was important when we came into this game tonight that we start backing ourselves, believing in what we're doing, and showing confidence. I think we did that tonight. From start to finish we were the better team."

When things get tight in the final moments of games, confidence is key. Especially on the road. Anthony Hudson has this team playing full of belief. That’s why they keep battling until the end, even when the cards are stacked against numerous times as they were against the Galaxy.

Eddie money comes through again…

Little known fact Rapids fans wished they'd known when Edgar Castillo signed before the 2018 season: He only scores world class goals. Oh, that and he’s usually the most intelligent, hard-nosed, creative and downright fun-to-watch player on the field - for either team. It was the case against the Galaxy. Most eyes - as they should be - were on the tall Swedish #9 for the Galaxy. But Eddie stole the show.

In the first half, he should’ve been awarded a penalty after he slid behind the LA backline. In the second half he created a number of close chances on goal. And when the Rapids needed a moment of brilliance - as you often do on the road in MLS - #2 delivered. In the 74th minute, trailing by a goal Edgar did his trademark shimmy shoulder drop to lose his defender and then unleashed a screamer past LA ‘keeper David Bingham. It was another jaw-dropping moment that should win him Goal of the Week.

"All of the goals I have are good goals, but they come off of my teammates," Castillo said. "It's not only me."

But for me, it was the 88th minute tackle that Castillo made to keep things knotted at two goals that really embodies what he’s about. The Rapids had just equalized, and emotions were running high. In that moment, most players have just about nothing left in the tank. Not Edgar. He's the one tracking back to break up a surefire game-winning assist from Zlatan. If he doesn’t make that tackle the headlines read ‘Galaxy win’ on Wednesday morning. Instead, he secured a hard-fought point that keeps the momentum rolling.