Omar v crew 6_5

Smith: "Tonight winning is everything"

Rapids Head Coach Gary Smith

Watch: Smith's Post Game Interview

On the goal… 

“It was a fantastic header from Drew (Moor) and it just capped off a wonderful performance from the lad. It was a lovely cross (from Jamie Smith) he’s been out a long time and we’re so pleased to have him back. He’s worked so hard and had some difficulties with that hamstring and fingers crossed with a few minutes under his belt that we can build on Wednesday. He (Smith) can have such an impact on a game like that it’s been difficult to have him out of the game like that.”

On the game…

“I thought, the second half, really after quite a bright start had just sort of flattened out a bit. They’d weathered anything maybe at that point, because we’re now a player down. And our best chance was going to be from a set piece, I thought, which it turned out that way.

But they’re a good side, they’re very good in a lot of areas, as I said before the game. I don’t think there is any one player that they rely on massively, although Schelotto will be somebody that they play for an awful lot. I thought we kept a nice tight leash on most of their creative players. And especially in the first half, there were one or two very nice openings that I don’t think we made enough of.”

“You know, it worked out for us in the end. Listen, we’ve played better than that, there is no doubt about it, we’ve played better. We played better against LA, and lost.

So, you know, at what point do you say, listen, the performance is everything, but winning is everything. Tonight, winning is everything, because we have played well for five weeks, six weeks, haven’t always got our reward, and the players have shown some qualities in there that have not always been at the forefront of their performances. Some real character, some gritty determination and a willingness to not lie down and die.”


Gary Smith

On the game...

“It’s nice to have it come our way once and a while. Columbus are the pass-masters at dead balls, they have some very big bodies in there. To a good degree we had even opportunities from dead balls. Not many corners, not too many free kicks out wide which stops them (Columbus) working it into a dangerous area.”

On the Red Card…

“From my angle there was a challenge, a little bit of a connection between the bodies.  I thought he struck it at his (Pablo) face but I wasn’t sure. And so he (Pablo) pushed him in his knee caps at that point.  I wasn’t quite sure what happened it was a tangle of bodies.”

Rapids DEF Drew Moor

On his goal…

“It was a great ball from Jamie Smith, he puts balls into dangerous areas and on a set piece like that we don’t have a set up play or anything you just have to get bodies into dangerous spots. Fortunately I was able to get around my defender and kind of get up over him and snap it down in. I think it skipped off the grass a little and picked up some momentum. I was just happy to help the team get three points tonight; it was a team effort from everybody. I think it (the ball) went right over Scottie’s (Palguta) head and he has some bigger guys positioned on him and I was left with maybe one of their smaller guys which benefitted me. Like I said, Jamie (Smith) put it right into one of those dangerous spots right at the top of the six yard box.” 

On the man down situation…

“At that point when you are a man down, you are happy with the draw with 20 minutes to go and it’s been a relatively even game but when we do have our opportunities especially on set pieces we have to commit bodies forward and keep them on their heels and who knows maybe you’ll sneak one in the net, and we were able to do that tonight.”