Saturday's Rocky Mountain Cup Preview!

COMMERCE CITY CO (By Victoria Baldwin C10) -Editor's Note: C10 the organizing committee of the Rocky Mountain Cup has provided this preview of Saturday's contest the first in 2009 to decide the winner of the annual competition between the Rapids and Real Salt Lake for the pride of the Rocky Mountains.
"Bring me men to match my mountains
Bring me men to match my plains
Men with empires in their purpose
And new eras in their brains.
These lofty words written by Sam Walter Foss in 1894 are inscribed on the Rocky Mountain Cup but to Rapids fans it’s the inscription on the base of the trophy where the champions each year are listed that really stirs the soul:
2005 Colorado Rapids
2006 Colorado Rapids
2007 Real Salt Lake
2008 Real Salt Lake.
We want our Cup back!

The Rocky Mountain Cup is the trophy that fuels the rivalry between the Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake. The competition was founded by the fans for the fans and has grown in intensity every year since its inception in 2005.
It’s hard to believe it was only 4 years ago on April 16 2005 that the inaugural Rocky Mountain Cup match was played. It’s also hard to believe that for the past two seasons the Cup has been in enemy hands but given the pattern thus far established (each team holding the Cup for two years) this will be the year the Rapids reclaim the Cup.

As the annual competition's official website ( explains the winner of the Rocky Mountain Cup is determined by the results of all regular season MLS games between the Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake (there are 3 total matches this year) with 3 points assigned for each win and 1 point given for each tie.
The Cup is awarded to the fans of the team whose total points are highest at the conclusion of the final regular season match of each season and those fans retain the Cup until the next season.
If teams end the season tied on points the first tiebreaker is aggregate goals and the second tiebreaker is most recent head-to-head victory. If after that the teams are still tied the holders of the Cup from the previous year's competition will retain possession.

This Saturday at 7:30 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park the Colorado Rapids will face their archrivals from the other side of the Rocky Mountains for first time this season and for the 16th time in Rocky Mountain Cup competition.
We hope to improve our 7-3-5 record against RSL to bring the team one step closer to reclaiming the trophy. Each game in this competition is crucial and this Saturday’s is even more so because it will be the only Rapids home match of the series this year (games 2 and 3 will be played in Salt Lake City on June 6 and Oct. 24).
To get the evening started off right the Rapids supporters tailgate will be kicking off 3 hours prior to kickoff. All are welcome so if you make it to the stadium early please look for us in the VIP East parking lot just south of the Cantina!

In closing here’s another seed to plant in your mind: if the Rapids win the match this Saturday the Rapids could clinch the Rocky Mountain Cup at the next meeting between the 2 sides at the June 6th away match at MLS’s newest soccer-specific venue Rio Tinto Stadium.
Every year Rapids supporters put together road trips to the Salt Lake away games and this year’s road trip could be very special indeed. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as winning a rivalry competition on the road! Click here to find out more about the June 6th Rapids supporters road trip to SLC.
And we look forward to seeing all passionate Rapids fans out at Dick's Sporting Goods Park this Saturday night to help us reclaim the Rocky Mountain Cup and to re-establish Rapids dominance over the Rocky Mountain region!"
-Victoria Baldwin
Chairperson C10