there is no doubt that Beckham’s name is one th

there is no doubt that Beckham’s name is one that is known by people besides the soccer crazies. With the success of the movie Bend It Like Beckham many people who couldn’t name any current professional soccer players can now name at least one. I have no doubt that at least temporarily this will lead to greater attendance for matches where he is playing. On the other side there are those US Soccer ne'er-do-well-ers who say that only over-the-hill European players will ever come to the United States. They will consider Beckham as decidedly over the hill and rightly or wrongly assume that this continues to support the premise that soccer in the US is second class to soccer around the world. For my part I am excited about his coming. As an older soccer fan I have a lot less time to be able to see world class players in the flesh and my budget doesn’t allow for travel to places farther away than Commerce City. My hope would be that his coming here if it proves to be a positive one for Beckham might turn the heads of other players to also make the transition to US soccer. Obviously the only real reason big name players would leave would be for the opportunity to come here to live or to get away from a troubling environment where they currently play. Significant players could never presently make the kind of money they make in Europe. Imagine how exciting it will be for young Colorado defenders to go to bed at night knowing that they will be marking David Beckham the next afternoon. Let’s hope his presence leads to the reality of players that Bend It Better Than Beckham!!!! In fact let’s hope that this will ultimately lead to a movie called Bend It Like Beckerman!!!"Rapids fan Mike from Adams County: "For an MLS team to acquire the talents of a player like David Beckham (in his relative prime) is I think a major coup for the league. I think it is on par with the Pele move to the NY Cosmos in the mid 70's but I feel where that move failed to make soccer in America a mainstay I think the Beckham acquisition along with more superstars coming to the league in their prime and the homegrown US talent that this move is just the beginning in a long line of great things for MLS. As a Rapids fan though I hope the Rapids can make a move on par with the Beckham deal to show that our organization is ready willing and able to compete for a title every year."