Mastroeni vs. LA Galaxy
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Rapids post-game comments after loss at LA

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Gary Smith

On the result:

“I thought it might have been our blessing that it was just one at half time. I thought the Galaxy played very well in the first period and deservedly went into the half in front and it could have been more. Second half was much better for us. We started to show more signs the type of team and the type of qualities that we have. Possession was better. I think we were able to disrupt some of the possession that the Galaxy had in the first half. They certainly had better territorial advantage in the first half. We were camped out for good periods. It took a lot of courage and a lot guile to keep it to one. I was hopeful, knowing that we have goals in our group that we would be able to squeeze one and get us back into the game, but it wasn’t to be one. And, this has proved to me a really resourceful and resilient Galaxy team.”

On bringing Sanna Nyassi and Omar Cummings into the game:

“Sanna’s inclusion, I hoped, would give us a slightly better shape and a better opportunity to retain the ball. We saw more of that in the second half because he didn’t get on until the dying moments of the first. And, then of course Omar coming on to give us and added injection of pace as well. I think it unsettles defenders. The difficulty tonight was that Omar had played two games for Jamaica in a short space of time. He did a lot of travel, same with Sanna. He went through an absolute grind coming back from Namibia. It’s difficult. You saw Bruce rotate Robbie [Keane] into the group as well. These guys are doing a lot away from the team, and we have a lot going on this month—obviously, the Champions League that we play in a week. The pleasing thing for me is that the signs are looking a lot better. There was more confidence in the group in the second half, and hopefully we can take that into the midweek game.”

Colorado Rapids Midfielder Pablo Mastroeni

On the game:

“We started out a bit slow, and Matt [Pickens] really kept us in the game in the first and a couple of good saves in the second as well. If it wasn’t for Matt this game would have been out of control early. I think in the second half we came out with a better attitude and if nothing else kept better possession of the ball and that got us more advanced. We created a few chances. It’s definitely a game that we need to reflect upon and continue work toward the type of form to make a run toward the playoffs. A bit disappointing, albeit a decent second half for us.”

On Matt Pickens’ performance:

“It’s huge. If a second goal goes in in the second half, it’s pretty much a done deal, especially the way they were playing and pressuring us. He made some huge saves—gives the team some confidence, some hope. Like I said, if that goal wasn’t offside, or one of those chances weren’t offside—we find ourselves in a 1-1 game. When really in the first half, it could have been two or three zero them. Pickens played really great for us. Hopefully, the rest of us can pick up our game. If we can do that, we can find good form really quickly.”

Colorado Rapids Goalkeeper Matt Pickens

On his performance:

“We know that coming into here I was going to be busy, that’s what you expect. The home team is going to attack a lot, I didn’t know it was going to be that much, but you have to try and be ready for anything. You just try to keep your team in the game and hopefully we can nick one at the end and we can get a point. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. We put in a good effort here, it just didn’t fall our way.”

On his first half save from Todd Dunivant:

“It was a good ball in, he put it right in the middle of the pack and once the cross is hit you turn your head to where all the people are and watch their movements. I got a good jump on it and made a save.”

Colorado Rapids Defender Tyrone Marshall

On the team’s play in the second half:

“It was a good response to show the character that we’ve had all year. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t come out of the blocks how we did in the second half. We knew it was going to be a challenge coming in here and hat’s off to Matt [Pickens], he kept us in the game and gave us a chance really. We went down a goal in the first half but in the second half we came out and played our brand of football and it was just unfortunate. We were creating chances in the second half, we just couldn’t put chances away. The second half was much better and it’s a good thing to build on going forward.”

On facing his former club:

“It’s one of those things, you always want to get the upper hand playing against your old team. I played here for seven seasons so I always want to come back, do well and win, you want to do that all the time anyway. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get the win tonight but I was proud of the guys in the second half and I’ll take that away, move on and build on that. Hopefully the next time we see them here is in the Final.”