Oscar Pareja introduced as head coach on Jan. 5, 2012
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Pareja answers fans questions in The Denver Post

Oscar Pareja has not yet met his team, but he's already answered questions from fans to let them know what to expect when preseason training begins next Monday.

In the latest installment of The Denver Post's "Fan Mail" feature, Pareja goes in depth on his vision, creative players, the current roster, style of play, his goals, the Arsenal relationship, the youth system, his potential assistant coach, Designated Players, and his preference between Guapo and Papi.

Below are some snippets of Pareja's answers to The Denver Post. CLICK HERE for the full interview:

"I like to have players people enjoy coming to watch. Creative players are ones who develop their game with technique. Players who are smooth with the ball, players who are attack-minded, players who enjoy and respect the beauty of the game. We call them "special ones" and they are not easy to find."

"I know people are eager to learn some things and look for answers right away...But I want them to understand that the roster, the players, the process that has been here before, they deserve a lot of respect from me."

"For me, one of my firm objectives is to make that (Arsenal) connection with them more real."

"These guys carry a lot of responsibilties. The image of the franchise is tied in with them. So the responsibility to bring a designated player is a big responsibility."

"I'm convinced that the MLS academies must set the tone, not just in the city or in the state, but in the country."

"I believe in the advantage we have with the altitude here. And I know that with a field that big, if you have the right players and the right formation and system in place, it can be an advantage."

"I'm a very player-centric coach. For me, the relationship I have with the players is very close, with respect....But I want it to be wide-open and comfortable. That for me is key."