Five years ago today

Five years ago today the team changed it's look and colors - for the third time...let's take a look back.

October 17, 1995: At a gala at The Palladium in New York City, Major League Soccer unveiled the names, logos, and uniforms of the 10 charter teams that would begin play the following spring. Colorado had been awarded a team four months earlier, on June 6. From that inaugural 1996 season through 2002, the team's primary colors were green and white.

February 12, 2003: At the "Black and Blue Ball," which was held at a downtown Denver club appropriately named, Blue, the team changed its colors to black and blue, with the primary home uniform now featuring verticle stripes.

February 9, 2007: Now under the ownership of Kroenke Sports Enterprises, the team held a press conference to introduce its new uniforms, colors, and logo. Gone were the black, blue, and green, with the new look featuring burgundy, with sky blue, onyx, and white as the supporting colors. As the press release read, the new colors "are a continuation of the common DNA that runs through the identities of the other sports entities in the KSE family."

The team's logo also changed. Originally, it was the wordmark on a wave, then the circle with ball in center, and now the more soccer traditional shield. That, however, has also been modified, as it now sports a Star above the shield as a sign of being a champion. Can you name each of these players in the inaugural year of the new colors?