Buried in sand on Waikiki Beach

After the team completed their first training session in Hawaii, the schedule showed the afternoon was off - no training. But at lunch, the learned it was only off from a full training session. The guys that are playing in the scrimmage on Tuesday had a video session with the coaching staff, and the rest of the guys went for a gym workout. Still, they were all done by around 4:30, which gave them plenty of time to have some fun on the beach right in front of the hotel.

It started out just laying on the beach, but soon they got to digging. Davy Armstrong (above), Quincy Amarikwa, and Joel Helmick used their sandals to made the pit, then Davy volunteered to be the first one in. Soon, Ross LaBauex and Andre Akpan began pushing the sand on top, then Tony Cascio and Steven Emery. In no time, Davy was covered by 2-3 feet of sand, but he was easily able to get out.

So now the challenge was making it more difficult for the next person. Quincy begins digging closer to the ocean, where the water would weigh the sand down.

Now is was Tony's turn, sitting in the pit as the guys used their legs, arms, and sandals to cover him up. It worked, Tony couldn't move, needing their help to get out. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS