Jaime Castrillon tripped by NY's Dane Richards
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Castrillon looks at positives following tough loss

Rapids midfielder Jaime Castrillon's post-game comments following 4-1 loss at New York.

On the loss:
"Today wasn’t our best game but we are calm because we know that we have a very good team, but we do have to improve in certain areas and this doesn’t mean that we are done. We have to fix our mistakes, keep on moving forward and adapt our game to play the way we can and want to."

On giving up the early lead:
"Unfortunately five minutes in we were down 2-0 because of our mistakes and that wasn’t easy. We tried to recover the ball and it was easy for them to control the ball because they were up 2-0, they moved the ball well and found open spaces. It was tough but we didn’t lose our heads and when we had the ball we tried to find the open spaces but they weren’t there."

On the outcome of today’s game:
"The positive of today was that the team never gave up. We gave everything even though we were down 2-0 early in the game, we didn’t lose our heads, it was tough but the outcome could’ve been much worse."