Once again, fans make trip to Utah

It's become the norm in recent years, being on the bench side of Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah and hearing the loud Colorado Rapids supporters across the field. Ask the RSL fans - many spend a good portion of the game looking up at the Rapids fans. Some have even tried to go up to the section before being stopped by security.

Many of these Rapids supporters drove the 8+ hours to Salt Lake City, though I did talk to some that flew, including one Rapids fan that came in from St. Louis. And it wasn't his first time attending a game - he does it often.

A portion start their tailgate north of the stadium hours before kickoff, and wait for the rest of the traveling fans to arrive. Then they march into Rio Tinto Stadium together, holding scarves and flags high up as they chant through the gate. They take their place in the top corner, and immediately make their presence known.

They do think the team played well? When talking to some individually, it didn't sound like many did. But collectively, they only wanted to show their support - which is why they don't stop chanting, banging the drums, waving the flags, and reacting to every play.

Here's a tip of the hat to all those that could make it, and all those that tuned in and otherwise supported the team from afar.

We look forward to seeing many of you here on April 21!