Moor breaks down the game

Drew Moor - Colorado Rapids Midfielder

On the fans’ response to Brian Mullen:
“To be honest I thought the fans were great and they did exactly what we expected. We did not expect them to be nice to him but I had forgotten about it for the most part. You heard the boos whenever he touched the ball. That is part of the game sometimes and I thought the fans were great.”

Thoughts coming into the week:
“The main focus was winning the game. We’re all Brian’s family here but we do not put it behind us either. The focus was points and we’re disappointed to leave with nothing. We always supported him and there were no issues.

General comments on the game:
“I thought we did exactly what we wanted to do in the first half. We came in and matched their intensity. We were better than them at times in the first half, created some chances. Our inability to create and possess in the second half wasn’t good enough today. To give up a set piece goal is a bad goal to give away, we’re leaving here disappointed and have to fix things like that.”

On being 3-3 so far:
“The last 4 of 5 have been on the road in tough places to play. If you break each game down individually you feel like we should have a better record than we do now, especially after today’s match. We came in the first half and did exactly what we wanted to do and to give up a soft goal... good for them but our record should be better than it is right now.”

On the upcoming game against LA:
“They’re having a tough go with it right now, they have a big one tonight or tomorrow against Portland. We have to put this one behind us and fix the mistakes that we made. We obviously have to stay focused for 90 minutes whether it’s on a set piece or open play but they’re a dangerous team. It’s a great opportunity to put this one behind us and move forward.”