Drew Moor vs Montreal
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Moor: win shows character, belief, and passion

Drew Moor's post-game comments following a 3-2 win over Montreal, in which he scored the Rapids' second goal of the game:

On his goal:
'I was right in that area were the goalie can’t decide whether he wants to come or stay. And it was just a perfect ball. All I had to do was get to that spot and guide it into the back corner."
On the breakdowns during Montreal’s goals:
"It’s just poor defending. It comes through the midfield too easily and it came through the defense too easily. To be fair, Montreal overloaded the midfield and we were outnumbered in there for large periods of the game. They were able to open us up a couple times and both goals by them were good finishes. There’s nothing Pickens can do about them. He’s left out to dry and we need to do a better job of keeping their attack in front of us. We’re allowing guys in behind and beside us and it needs to be cleaned up. It’s frustrating."
On getting the comeback win:
"It’s very big. It’s tough to go down a goal and not just come back and tie it, but to go down a man and come back and win it. And again, much like last weekend, it shows the character and belief in this team and the passion that Oscar puts into us. But, as a defender I look at the other side and think “Why aren’t we beating this team two or three to zero like I think we’re capable of?” And to be fair to Montreal, they came in and they played extremely well. They’re a very good team but at home you don’t want to be having games like this."