Pareja: "They left it all on the field"

Coach Oscar Pareja's post-game comments following a come-from-behind 3-2 win over Montreal with 10 men:

On getting the win a man down:
"Well I think it’s a great message from the players to all of us. The players who played today, I think they gave everything they had on the field. I know because I felt it in the locker room after the game. But it was not our best game and we all know. We were not sharp with the ball, we didn’t have the possession that we are used to having. But at the end they gave everything because the team has been struggling with injuries and struggling with playing time for some players, other ones just coming into the lineup. And all these struggles, we just get over it and we found a way today to get a result. All the credit goes to those players who were on the pitch tonight."
On Kamani Hill’s performance:
"He brought a lot of energy, and normally Kamani brings that to the game. And also he’s a technical player and he’s a player that is difficult to play against because he holds the ball well. And that was what we needed in that moment in the game. And he was sharp as well, and plus the came in and worked hard for us. It was a great performance by him and I think he came and helped the team a lot."
On Martín Rivero’s performance and his set pieces:
"It is important. Now, in the current games in this era, many of them are being resolved by set pieces. We discussed with them the ability and intelligence just to take the time and just try to take the most out of every corner, every cross that we have. I think they did a great job on that part today. At the end they get a result because they were very intelligent and patient with those set pieces. And as you say, Martín has been a good addition in that part because he delivers the ball very well."
On changing the style of play when after going down a man:
"When Tyrone was sent off from the game, the first thing that we said was let’s shake things up. And I’m going to be quite honest, I thought we defended better with 10 men, today especially. They came into two lines of four and we wanted just to drop and to go to our first and second zones, and try to congest the middle, reduce the space for them, and try to get the ball back in and start from there on attacking. The instructions were just to drop the lines and be patient."