Bio: Andie Zitek

Andie is a 21 year old player for the Special Olympics Colorado Rapids Soccer Team.  Andie has been playing soccer off and on since she was 10 years old.  She enjoys playing every position and has been playing soccer with Special Olympics Colorado for 2 years.  Her favorite sports are swimming and skiing though she also enjoys playing volleyball and soccer. 

Andie began playing basketball with Special Olympics Colorado when she was 11 and then added swimming, skiing, volleyball and soccer into her schedule.  At Denver South High School she competed on the varsity swimming team for all 4 years and is now continuing to stay in sports with Special Olympics Colorado. 

Andie’s favorite player on the Colorado Rapids soccer team is Conor Casey.  Andie’s brother played soccer with Conor when he was younger and now Andie is excited for her opportunity to play soccer with Conor.  She is excited to experience the city of Seattle and hopes to see her cousin who lives in the area.  

A Burgundy Affair

Tuesday, October 17