Bio: Ibsen Ojeda Ayala

Ibsen is a 17 year old forward for the Special Olympics Colorado Rapids Soccer Team.  His high energy and free loving spirit fits well with his position as forward.  He loves scoring goals and brings a positive and enthusiastic attitude to every game and practice. 

Ibsen has been involved with soccer ever since he was young.  His entire family has played or is still playing soccer.  It could be said that they are soccer fanatics.  Each Sunday Ibsen and his family play soccer together and his dad is also on a soccer league.  He has learned to love the game and it has become a way of life for him and his family.  He has been participating in sports with Special Olympics Colorado since he was 7.  Mostly Ibsen plays soccer, but he is involved in basketball as well. 

Going to Seattle is something that Ibsen is really looking forward to.  His father says that “he can’t stop talking about it.  He tells everyone.”  The player from the Rapids that Ibsen likes the most is Conor Casey.  Conor reminds him of his favorite Mexican soccer player “El Bofo” Bautista. “They are both bald”, he says. “They look a lot alike”.  He is excited to meet the team in Seattle and he can’t wait to play more soccer.