Drew Moor vs Vancouver

Moor: "That’s a game that we need to win"

Colorado Rapids captain Drew Moor's comments following home loss to Vancouver:

On the goal Vancouver scored:
"It was one of those plays. I think the ball came onto me quicker than I thought it was going to. I thought it might take a touch, and I don’t think it actually did, but I just anticipated a touch and just kind of misplayed it. It wrong-footed me a little bit. You know it could have bounced off of me and gone anywhere but unfortunately it went right to Mattocks. Bad goal to give away, definitely. Especially on a night like this where that was really the only chance they had I feel like. I just need to stay concentrated, and try to put this one behind me but it’s a tough one to swallow for sure."
On the overall game:
"I thought we controlled most of the game, if not all of the game. Like I said I don’t remember too many chances that they had. We created a bunch of good chances. We definitely had our opportunities to not only tie the game up but win the game in the second half.  We need to learn to win games like this. We need to learn to get back into a game like that and not just tie it but win it. This is a game that we have to win. We’re halfway through the season, we need to start putting that right. We’re a good team, we’ve got great players and we create chances. We need to stay more organized in the back but that’s a game that we need to win.  Once we start figuring out how to win a game like that we’re going to do great."
On dropping this result after a shutout win on Saturday:
"We need to stay concentrated in the back. A lot of the pressure is on us, without a doubt. And it should be, that’s the life of a defender to be honest. We’ve been good in the past. We’ve had a regular lineup the past couple weeks and that’s important too. We have Marvell back, and he and I are starting to recognize each other’s tendencies again, but yes, it’s concentration. It’s just kind of a ball thrown into the box that we didn’t deal with. And when you don’t score gals and you give up bad goals like that it leads to bad results. We’re a little bit snake bitten right now, but our heads are up and we’re positive and, like I said, this is a game we need to learn to win and once we do we’re going to be great."