Swansea's De Guzman's comments following friendly versus Colorado

Swansea City midfielder Jonathan De Guzman's post-game comments following 2-1 loss to the Colorado Rapids:

On the game in general:
"In the second half, I think we played a lot faster. We played well as a team. We still have a lot to learn as a group so hopefully we can be ready for the first game. It was difficult especially the first game as a group, first game of the season. It's tough for new players to adapt. We've been training for probably three weeks now. I think we did pretty well in the second half. The first half was a bit more slow, but other than that I think overall it's a good result."
On his goal off the free kick:
"I was talking to [Andrea] Orlandi about who was going to take it. I said if the ball looks good and the wall looks good, then we'll see who takes it."
On playing in Colorado at elevation:
"Of course that's their advantage. It was difficult not just for me, but for the whole team. Again it was the first game, and playing at altitude, we got very tired, very fast. Even taking all the fluids in, you could still feel it."
On the rest of their tour in the U.S.:
"Tomorrow we have practice and then we fly out to Santa Barbara and we play against a college team. We're there for five days and then we fly to San Jose and we play a game there. Then we head back to England."