Oscar Pareja walks off field
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Transcript of Pareja's comments following loss to Seattle

Oscar Pareja, Colorado Rapids Head Coach
His opening thoughts:
First of all I want to direct these words to the Colorado Rapids fans: we are feeling so bad, mostly because the support that the team, the players felt from the fans, is incredible. Despite the moment, despite the bad results, despite this situation when we run out of answers, the Colorado Rapids fans are there, pushing. Giving us a great example of courage. We feel it. I want to tell them that we are – I’m going to say embarrassed – because they deserve more than this. But I am the first one to take full responsibility, of the lack of results, of the team. The players have given us 100+ percent. I see the players on the training ground, I see the players in the locker room, I know how much they work to get things right, to turn these things around, so I don’t want anyone to judge them. Because the only responsible [one] is the coach. We have to find a way to get things the way they should be, and the Colorado Rapids fans need it. Because they’re paying to see us, they’re pushing us at home, and we respect that. We’re feeling so bad because that energy is bigger than the results we are giving them.
On his thoughts on the game:
I’m going to try to say this. I don’t know if it’s the right one, but the players are in pain. Because as I say, I saw them every day at training, and I can see that they want to go the extra mile and do things. And they’re pushing and pushing and pushing and things aren’t coming their way. The ball doesn’t bounce on our side. But they are conscious of being strong and not using more excuses because they don’t want more excuses. They don’t want to say “Oh but we played better, we had many chances but we have just two mistakes.” They don’t want to say that, they don’t want me to say that anymore. They are and I am tired of those excuses. We have to give answers and the answers have to come with results. They are in pain and they are in pain because they are truly professionals. I see it. And I need to step up for my players. If something is not done right, I’m the first one to [face it] and say that I’ve got to take this. I have to do something, I have to help them in a different way. Something has to come from me. But once again the players are suffering because they know how much this team represents to the Colorado Rapids fans.