Jeff Larentowicz vs Dallas
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Larentowicz: When you have opportunity to put teams away, you need do it

Midfielder Jeff Larentowicz after FC Dallas rallied from a deficit to win 3-2.

Thoughts on the game:

"It's similar to the last time we played where we have a lead and then give it away. That's the story of the last month and a half, we just continue to beat ourselves. That was the story of the first half. We got the lead off a good play by Brian [Mullan] and had opportunities to score the next goal, but didn't do it. When you have the opportunity to put teams away, you need to do it. That's how you win games. Like I said, we beat ourselves."

On the stretch of three goals in eight minutes before and after the half:

"They both came right before halftime. It's crucial parts of the game, the first and last five minutes of the half. The free kick was well hit, but the one we gave up in the beginning of the second half was a bad turnover and we didn't react well once they had the ball."

On his goal:

"I could tell that they were slow to set up. As soon as the ref blew the whistle, I had Martin [Rivero] touch it."