Oscar Pareja before match against Chivas USA
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Pareja: We have to have that killer instinct to put the game away

Coach Oscar Pareja after the Rapids give up late goal and draw Chivas USA, despite outshooting them 19-5:

"There was a lot of positive things for sure, I thought our guys performed very well. But you have to have that killer instinct, that instinct to just put the game away. We were creating chances, and chances, and it didn't happen. And Chivas got one (chance) probably, and they score. So it's disappointing because it looks like I have seen this before."

On having so many chances to score, if it's a missed opportunity:

"It is. That's the game - goals give you points. We had chances. It's incredible that I have seen this before. It's like a movie. And then I have to give credit to the positive things that have, but the frustration is there, obviously, because it's a game that could have ended 3 or 4 to zero - all the respect for the opponent, obviously they tried and worked hard. But I thought we dominated the game, had the chances and the options, and defensively we played very well. And then to come out with one point, its what it is, but its disappointing."

On how the Chivas goal was scored:

"It was breakawy. I thought we missed a mark in the middle and then they stretched it on the right side, and then it comes on a cross where we lost a man in the box."

What can you take from this:

"Its frustrating. I've run out of words now, really. It's a game that you dominate, that you have chances and chances, and defensively I thought the team played very well, were very solid. And then just one time, and it cost us two points. It's very expensive (costly) for us, for sure."

On the mentality of the team:

"This group is not quitting. Despite of the results and the position in the standings, the guys are not quitting. They're working and fighting for every point. They came out with that attitude, and put that attitude in action today. They were sharp, they had options, and really, the game could have been 2 or 3 to zero, easily, with all respect for Chivas. But you have to have that killer instinct to put the game away. You have to, because that's what gives you points."