Hendry Thomas runs the treadmill in the Rapids weight room

Video & Transcript: Hendry Thomas interview

On joining the Colorado Rapids:

"Before anything, I want thank the people at the Colorado Rapids. This opportunity has been coming for a few days. I had other options out there but I think my best opportunity was from Colorado because (Pareja) spoke with me and made me realize the plan in place for the club. I took the challenge and I'm really happy with how I've been recieved."

Talk about the position you play and how you see yourself fitting in:

"I don't think I'll have any type of problem playing any kind of position, be it as two midfielders or one. I don't think the schemes that the coaching staff will utilize should give me problems. They are two positions that I've played both in the Premier League and on the Honduran national team. So now it's about working and trying to get to 100 percent so that I can play as soon as possible."

On why Hondurans have been able to adapt quickly and excel in MLS:

"I think Honduran soccer players are very eager. Independent of the League where a latino player arrives, they don't back down, as we say. Independent of the player they are facing, they always try to give their best and I think that has been the base of the success for Hondurans in this league that every day is more competitive."



How do you evaluate your three years in the English Premier League:

"I think they were good, I have no complaints. My first year I arrived I played almost every game, and I think the games I missed were unfortunately because I was suspended. My second year was the same. And then because of tactical situations I wasn't playing. My third year was the most difficult because I was only playing in the FA Cup and Carling Cup tournaments. But looking back I think all three years I was there were very good years. It was my first time out of my country, with a new contract, and really it was good. Now I'm here to take on this role and to double my effort and try to surpass what I did in the Premier League."

As a Honduran national team player you're familiar with the soccer in this country. You left for Europe as a 24-year-old and gained more experiences. How can these experiences help you in MLS:

"I think that all helps. I think the knowledge and experiences you acquire help you in whatever League you play in. But aside from the experience, you have to work hard and give it your all. And I think by doing that, you carry your experiences with you to help you integrate more quickly with the group."

Talk about playing against and marking high-profile players like Rooney, Drogba, Tevez, Chicharito, Dempsey:

"Playing against those big-name players was the best part for me, for various reasons. One, because first I watched them on TV when I was a fan. And then, to have them in front of me I was very happy. At the same time I took it as a challenge because they are very good players, and difficult to mark. But honestly it went well for me. It went well because they would talk about me. I had some encounters with (Clint) Dempsey, who is a difference-making player. Drogba, and all those players are very difficult where you have to try to be more agile then them to be able to control them."

Who was the most difficult to play against?

"I think all of them. They have different characteristics. Individually, players that surprised me a lot were (Didier) Drogba and (Carlos) Tevez. They were players that I have never played against, where Dempsey I had played against with the national team. But honestly the player that surprised me the most was Drogba, a player that is very strong and explosive, and very fast."

What can Colorado Rapids fans expect of Hendry Thomas on and off the field?

"On the field they'll see a player who has many goals and a desire to play well and to win, and aspired to achieve many things with the team. And off the field, a normal person who always tries to be available and pleasant with fans of the club, as well as fans that are not yet fans of the club."