Oscar Pareja during national anthem
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Pareja: Win was for the oustanding support of the fans

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the 2012 season finale, a 2-0 win at home over Houston:

On getting the win on Fan Appreciation Night:
"Sometimes people don’t understand how important this game was for us in front of our people. We were not happy with the performance against San Jose and I knew that the boys wanted to come and have a good day in front of their fans. They’ve been fantastic and I want to highlight that. The support we got from the fan base and the people who come and see the games are outstanding. We always feel that, and they deserve more and we always say that and we’re going to work to make that happen. But today was a great day for the interaction and the chemistry with the fans and I was very glad to see that."
On what he wants fans to know about next season:
"This is not the end of the season for us. This is a continuation of what we want to build here. The boys are going to keep working in the offseason because we know the commitment with the fans is big. Knowing this year that we didn’t qualify for the playoffs, and that’s important, so we want to come back stronger and continue with the positives and we’re not going to stop. I know the boys have that commitment and the fans can be sure that we’ll work hard because we’re not going on vacation, we’re going to work because we have to do better."
On closing out the season with a win:
"It was great to see the young guys. The team, they have been showing for the last three or four weeks with more confidence, they’re more secure about what we want. And that confidence is expressed on the field so I like that. What I saw today in a lot of parts of the game was a team who was moving the ball the way we wanted, creating a lot of options and that’s good, it’s encouraging."
On the 3-2-2 finish to the season:
"They finished well. Still we know it has to be better, but at the same time this is a team that finished strong and that’s encouraging."
On Chris Klute’s performance in his MLS debut:
"He did well. Chris showed confidence and that’s great in a first game. He’s going to help us so I’m very happy with his performance. At the beginning of the game we wanted him to gain confidence and told him “Chris, you want to be a good defender first. The game is going to dictate to you when you start going forward.” And he did well on that part. And you’re right, in the first part of the game he was more conservative and as the game went on he started going forward and in the second half he had more confidence and I like that. And he showed personality. I’m happy. He has been performing very well in training as well and today was a game where he showed us he can come and play."
On the young players performing well at the end of the season:
"They’re showing that they’re capable of doing it. And for me as a coach I’m always thinking I could have done this earlier with them. But the young guys are pushing and that’s important. I think this club has a future with them and for us it’s time to make decisions and think about these young guys coming and put them on the field. So we’re happy with that. They did prove to us today that they deserve to be on the pitch."
On Davy Armstrong’s debut:
"When I came here to the club, in Davy I saw a player that was pushed to the side. He started getting confidence and started growing in many different ways. I think the academy coaches started seeing the work they put into him and developing him and Davy’s been growing and growing. And today, the game was a reward for him. I thought making his debut was important for him. It means a lot, It was only five minutes but it’s important for him and it means a lot to a player like him so we’re happy for him, it was well deserved."