Hendry Thomas up for header at Vancouver
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Bravo, Pareja begin postseason individual player meetings

Commerce City, Colo. - In a wide-ranging interview with ColoradoRapids.com and MLSsoccer.com Monday morning, Paul Bravo said that he and head coach Oscar Pareja will begin informing players individually of the decision made on each player’s respective statuses with the club this week.

"We'll start individual meetings today," said the club's Technical Director. "We've got a full report for the players to see. The important thing is to let our players know exactly where they stand."

Bravo confirmed that no decisions need to be made on the six players that signed prior to, or during, the 2012 season: Brian Mullan, Jeff Larentowicz, Drew Moor, Matt Pickens, Omar Cummings, and Shane O’Neill.

While he did not reveal conclusions on most individuals, Bravo did say that the team's top priorities are bringing back two other key players from the recently completed campaign.

"(Priorities) One A and One B are securing Martin (Rivero) and Hendry (Thomas) for 2013 and hopefully beyond," he said. "We are in active discussions with the representatives of both (players) and the League. We have a timeframe set and that is for it be done before the end of the year."

The team is scheduled to finish postseason training on November 16, at which point Bravo said he and Pareja will have met with every player.

Decisions on player options - the team may pick up an option or decline it - need to be confirmed to the player and MLS by early December, though obviously the Rapids are informing each player a few weeks in advance.

Select out-of-contract or declined-option players may be able to opt to enter Major League Soccer Re-Entry draft in December. The Re-Entry process was introduced in 2010 as part of the collective bargaining agreement between the MLS Players Union and Major League Soccer to allow eligible players the opportunity to stay at their current contract numbers by joining another team.

Dates or rules for this year's Waiver and / or Re-Entry Drafts have yet to be announced by MLS.