Paul Bravo and Oscar Pareja at the 2012 SuperDraft

College scouting complete, staff to observe players overseas

Commerce City, Colo. - Having watched nearly 100 college soccer matches on video and in person over the past two months, the Rapids technical staff is shifting its first-hand scouting efforts overseas.

"We have identified a number of specific players that are on our Discovery List and guys that we might want to put on our discovery list," Technical Director Paul Bravo told "We have games picked out in Colombia and England that we'll attend."

Assistant coach Wilmer Cabrera is currently in Colombia through December 4.

"There's a Colombia U-20 national team camp and another youth tournament that (Cabrera) will be observing," Bravo said, not wanting to mention individual players.

On December 4, Bravo and head coach Oscar Pareja will head to England to watch other potential targets in action. In addition to meetings with Derby County, where four Rapids players will be training for 10 days, Bravo said he and Pareja will also meet with the technical staff at Arsenal and spend some time observing a few other clubs during their 10 day stay.

During the last six months, Bravo has also gone to Nigeria and Mexico to scout individual players. He said the staff will also make a scouting trip  Ecuador and possibly Central America this offseason.

"The game is global, and there are good players all over the world," Bravo said in a previous interview. "We want players with a high level of technical ability and a high soccer IQ. It doesn't matter if he's from South America or England or Scandanavia or where ever, as long he fits that mold that we're looking for."


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