Drew Moor at home on March 10, 2013
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Moor: We weren’t sharp enough on their second goal

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following the team's loss to Philadelphia in the 2013 home opener:

On losing despite having a lot of the possession:

"I think it’s always frustrating anytime you lose at home. I thought we had a lot of the ball, moved it well and created some chances. We just weren’t sharp enough for whatever reason. We definitely weren’t sharp enough on their second goal there late. It’s always disappointing when you give up points at home, especially with a team that you feel like you match-up well against."

On game-winning goal:

"It was a little bit of a breakdown on our part, and we weren’t able to recover. They had a nice crisscrossing run that got Diego (Calderón) and I a little bit out of position, and I just wasn’t sharp enough on it, and wasn’t able to get across quick enough to block the shot. Fair play to them, but we needed to deal with that better for sure."

On what was lacking with all the possession:

"Just quality in the final third. We did the hard work to get there, we did the hard work to get guys in dangerous spots, but it’s important after that we relax and have good quality. Can you put your shot on target? Can you make the goalie work? Jamie Smith showed fantastic quality. We needed to win, especially here at home. We can’t let teams hang around and let them even think that they can stay in the game. With the amount of chances that we created today, we need to win these games."

On the similarities between today’s game and last week’s game against FC Dallas:

"We’re a very solid team. We have very good defensive shape, and solid structure. Obviously we’ve got some fantastic midfield play on our team, guys who can keep the ball and guys who can move the ball extremely well. I think it’s just that final third. Obviously, as a defender, we can’t give up set-piece goals. That second goal was just a bad goal to giveaway. Like I said, it’s a fair play to them, but I need to deal with that better. We need to deal with that better as a whole. When we dominate possession like that, and create chances, we’ve got to win these games."