Martin Rivero and Oscar Pareja jogging

Rivero begins jogging as he recovers from broken foot

Midfielder Martin Rivero has progressed to another stage of rehabilitation from a broken foot he suffered in the first preseason game seven weeks ago.

This week Rivero was permitted to begin light jogging to test how he's recovering.

"I'm happy because my rehab is going well," Rivero told Thursday afternoon. "It's been a few days that I've been lightly jogging to see how my foot feels, and I'm glad that I don't have any issues so far. It's coming along very well."

Rivero will see a doctor next Wednesday to evaluate the healing of the bone on his foot, in which he had a screw placed during surgery at the end of January.

"No pain, but a little soreness, which is normal," he said of his comfort level. "It's been a while since I was able to step, and our doctor told that this is normal."

Rivero doesn't put a timetable on his return, but he's optimistic he can begin doing more soon.

"If all goes well next Wednesday I'm hoping to get the green light to begin training a little harder," he said.