Coach Oscar Pareja
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Pareja not happy with penalty call against in home draw

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following 2-2 home draw with Portland

On the disappointment of giving up the lead:

"Yeah, we had our two points in our pockets. That's frustrating and disappointing. Our boys did a good job today. I've got to make this very clear. The penalty was very soft. It was not a PK. I'm not happy with it. I thought that we have to make it clear because we came up here with a play that is unacceptable (WATCH BELOW)."

On if fitness was a factor:

"No, fitness was good. We're happy with the boys. The conditions were difficult with the winds in the second half. The guys fought well. We made some substitutions in the second half to try to get more legs, and I thought we had a few chances to put the game away."

On Dillon Powers' first career goal:

"There [are] a lot of positive things, I've got to tell you. Chris Klute played a very good game today. He's a young guy who's come along with the project, and today he did a great job. Powers scored his first MLS goal. I feel for my players because they put it all out there, but at the end of the day, it's not all what they deserved. If you miss a mark here or miss something there, the game will punish you. Once again the penalty they gave [against] us was unacceptable."

On Tony Cascio's performance:

"It was a good performance by Tony as well. He was playing a position today that he normally does not play, and he did a very good job. He gave us a lot of energy. I'm very proud of the young guys today all over the field. Once again, I can't talk about more positive things inside because I have pain on the inside. The game could have been put away early. The boys deserved the three points, but it was a hard performance today."

On what the Rapids had to watch out for in the second half:

"We wanted to hold the line up in the formation we had because we knew that the conditions were different in the second half with the winds. I knew as well that [Caleb Porter] was going to throw bodies up front. At the same time, I thought we had a good control of the tempo of the game. For me, there was no reason to change anything and it gave us results because we got the second goal and put the game at 2-0. At that point, I tried to change a little bit here and there when they brought in another forward. I thought the game in the second half was pretty level."