Oscar Pareja congratulates Atiba Harris for his first goal with the Rapids
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Pareja: We want many things to happen, but definitely we want the Rocky Mountain Cup back

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the team's 1-0 home win over RSL:

On the result:
"Good, good. We want many things to happen, but definitely we want the Rocky Mountain Cup back. Today is a great day for us. We’re working hard. The boys really fought today, the way they have been fighting for the last weeks. Despite the lack of results, I would say that they deserve more. They kept fighting with determination, and today is a good reward. I thought the game rewarded them today for that fight, and as I say, there is many things that need to be better for sure, but [today] is a day to enjoy. We have been talking about how we can improve this and that, but tonight is about joy, and the boys deserve it."
On the team’s injuries:
"Who is injured? We move on, we move forward."
On Clint Irwin’s play:
"It shows what he has been showing since he came to the club. Personality, you know, the kid is unbelievable how he comes up with such a [maturity], and it’s big. He has a high ceiling, too. The way he trains, the way he behaves, the way he shares with the teammates everything – and then that shows. That leads to many things. Once again, tonight was a reward for him with a PK that was not a shaky PK. He came up big."
On Irwin’s save setting a tone:
"A great moment for us, playing against Real Salt Lake, getting the three points, after frustrating weeks with wanting to get more points because they know that they deserve it. At the end, tonight everything just wrapped the way that we wanted it, against a good rival, a good team as well. The young guys came out with another big game. I say jokingly about the injuries, but you know it’s having people [unavailable] and the other ones came up and show they can put a lot of things on the pitch for us. All these things are important."