Drew Moor: We hung in there, grinded it out, and that’s what you have to do at home

Colorado Rapids defender Drew Moor following the team's 1-0 home win over Toronto

On playing with different people in the back:

"To be honest, I think we’d like to have more clean sheets than we do, even. We feel like we’ve given up some soft goals here and there, but it’s training. When you do have so many bodies in and out, it means a lot of guys are getting time. Shane O’Neill has been fantastic. Sturgis is a fantastic player. Dillon Powers has showed all year that he can hold down the midfield. Klute’s been great. It does make it tough when you’re having injuries, you have to move bodies around, but the way we train, it’s all as a unit, it’s all as a group. We’re all on the same page, and that’s important for games like this when you’re missing some of your regulars."

On leadership:

"It’s extremely important, but you tell Shane anything, you tell Klute anything, and they’ll do it. Clint [Irwin] doesn’t shy away from being that vocal leader back there too, which we’re used to with [Matt] Pickens, and Clint’s picked it right up. You certainly have to talk, you have to communicate, but again, we get on the same page in training with that as well."

On Irwin:

"First and foremost, he’s a fantastic shot-stopper. He can make those big saves. He’s not going to let in any soft goals. He just commands the box, he’s a presence. It’s hard to really put a finger on exactly what it is, but you just have so much confidence when he’s back there, very similar to when (Matt) Pickens is back there."

On getting a lucky bounce in their favor:

"To be honest, I look back at some of the previous games in the past, and have thought ‘give us a bounce, give us something here and there’, and we kind of got that tonight. We certainly created it, they didn’t just give it to us, it took some finishing. We had some chances that we needed to put away, we need to bury a team like that when we have our opportunities, because they had some opportunities as well, right up to the end of the game. It’s nice to get a bounce here and there, but it was earned."

On defending Robert Earnshaw:

"He’s shown this year that he’s a finisher. He had a couple chances, and if we deal with them better, and deal with them earlier, he’s not going to get those chances. Fortunately tonight, he wasn’t able to put them away."

On the desire to get three points at home:

"I think we always want to get three points at home and on the road. We don’t try to play any differently on the road than we do at home. We want to go and get three points. You certainly want to make your home a fortress, you don’t want to lose games at home, and you don’t want to give points up at home. Tonight’s a perfect example. We hung in there, and grinded it out, and that’s what you have to do at home. We want to make this a tough place to come in and win. I don’t think there is any added pressure though; you want to win every game you go in to."

On start to the season with all the injuries:

"I don’t think anyone is satisfied with our record. I know we’ve had a lot of injuries, but you can only talk about that so much. You have to win as many games as you can. I think we feel like we think we can be higher up the table than we are, even with the injuries. It will be important that when we get our “regulars” back, that we do continue to play hard and stay in every game like I feel like we have so far."

On the uncertainty of the Starting XI when the regulars to get back in the side:

"I think that’s a good thing. When he writes up the lineup, everyone that is healthy is looking at it. When he writes up the starting XI, or is announcing who’s starting in training, everyone is listening in. It’s a deep squad, and it’s a bunch of guys that go out there, and do what he wants us to do. That’s a good problem to have."