Edson Buddle: We've just got to take these scrappy goals and pull wins out

Colorado Rapids forward Edson Buddle following the team's 1-0 home win over Toronto, in which he scored his first goal of the season and as a member of the Rapids:

On his performance:

"You're not going to score unless you're in the box. It's important for a striker to be in the box. Right now, I'm trying to get in shape and score even more. We've just got to take these scrappy goals and pull wins out. It's not going to be pretty all the time. You've got to keep digging and fighting, and I think that's what this team's about."

On his first goal of 2013:

"It felt good. I know Coach and myself, we want to lead. I want to score goals ultimately, but I want to do whatever it takes – leading by doing things each and every day whether it's calming the ball down or spreading things out. Ultimately, I just want to use my experience and spread it to the team."

On the pressure scoring goals:

"It's going to come. I think we know that. The good thing is that we are getting chances. It would be a bad thing if we weren't getting any chances. We have good players that find themselves in dangerous positions, and we'll put those chances away."

On how his knee is feeling:

"The knee is fine. I was able to calm it down that week I took off, and it feels great. Now I just need to get in shape. When I can continue to train, it makes it a lot easier to get in shape."

On if he felt fatigued during the game:

"I'm a little fatigued just because I haven't played in a while. I didn't expect to play 45 [minutes], but if [Coach Pareja] needed me to play in the beginning, I would have played in the beginning. It's part of the game. Even when I'm in shape, I feel tired too. It's just part of it. You've just got to keep pushing."

On playing much more aggressive toward to the end:

"We're at home, so we are going to press, and push forward. I think Oscar wants the backs to get involved in the offense. We're more effective that way to get the ball wide, and just keep doing it each and every time to get up the field."