Oscar Pareja following win over Toronto: We needed a win at home

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the team's 1-0 home win over Toronto:

On Edson Buddle's goal:

"We spoke with the boys at halftime and we said we needed someone to put the ball in the back of the net. That's why we brought him in. He's been there enough, and we know that he's not fit yet. We know he's in the process of getting back to the team. We wanted to have that presence in the box and fortunately, he worked well."

On performing well despite the injuries:

"We have been concentrating on talking about the positive things. I never look back on what the challenges were or what the excuses were. I always tell the players, media, and fans, it is what it is. The game is like that. You have to come up with answers. You can overcome adversity. I know this group and the challenges that we've had this year, I haven't seen before. When we talk as a team, we don't talk about injuries. We don't talk about the bad things that happened. We don't talk about the excuses that we may have. I'm glad that the guys are in fifth position because they deserve it. Now the guys coming back from injury are going to find competition."

On putting out such a young lineup:

"I see the game this way: it's an experience for all of us. Playing the young guys isn't always what you want because you want experience there, but I think the young guys have responded very well. I came up with that lineup with a lot of confidence. I know there will be moments in the game where they will show that they're not that connected, but if you can afford that and give them the experience, then that's good. I was very confident with the lineup today."

On “pulling out all the stops” by using so many attacking players:

"The movement was aggressive because we were at home and we knew our fans wanted three points, and our team needed three points. There were many games where we accumulated points here and there, but we needed a win at home, so we created some options with the guys out there."

On Clint Irwin:

"He has been great. I think he has a very high ceiling."