Porciano Avila at Rapids training on May 14, 2013

Honduran defender Porciano Avila joins Colorado Rapids training

A week after signing Colombian defender German Mera, who is still awaiting documents to travel to the United States, Colorado Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja invited Honduran defender Porciano Avila to join the team at training.

"(Avila) has played professionally in Honduras for a long time," Pareja told the media following Tuesday's practice. "He was in town so I wanted him to join us in training to take a look at him. There is nothing there in terms of contracts or anything, but it's a look for us. He just finished the season two week ago, so he's fit and I wanted to take a look at him"

Pareja said that Avila had inquired about a tryout previously, but couldn't make it to Colorado. The coach said that Avila's friendship with fellow Honduran Hendry Thomas facilitated the visit this time around. Avila, who turned 31 on Tuesday, recently completed the Honduran season with CD Vida.

Pareja said the team is not actively seeking other players, but said he always wants to look at option just in case.

"We have a philosophy on the team to keep everyone on their toes," he added. "It's a way to keep pushing the players and keep them working. And, the game changes a lot. Sometimes people get hurt and then you start thinking about who you may need in that spot. There's not any particular position that we're looking at right now, but you're always seeing if this player is better than what we have."