Martin Rivero vs Chivas USA
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids midfielder Martin Rivero forced out before halftime with right foot injury

Colorado Rapids midfielder Martin Rivero injured his right foot in the first half against Chivas USA and was replaced in the 44' minute by Dillon Powers. The team said Rivero will be evaluated further after the match.

In the 11' minute Rivero started quick succession play that saw four players one-touch the ball resulting in Artiba Harris scoring his second goal of the year to put Colorado up 1-0.

In January Rivero broke his right foot in the team's first preseason game while in Arizona. The 23-year-old missed the first eight matches of the season while he recovered.

He made his season debut on April 28 as a second half sub in the 1-1 draw at Houston, and has started the last three. He registered his first assist of the season on May 18 when he set up Nathan Sturgis' goal against San Jose.

Following the match Rivero tweeted: "Hopefully the injury is nothing. I am doing research. Happy for the team win." He also tweeted in Spanish that he would be having an exam on Sunday.