Oscar Pareja post-game interview

Oscar Pareja: "I thought we were the best team on the field, no doubt"

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the 2-2 home draw with FC Dallas:

On if he’d seen four goals in 10 minutes before:

"I think I have, but I didn’t want to see it today. Especially after leading the game the way we were. I thought we were the best team on the field, no doubt. When you’re leading at home, you want to put the game away. So it was a good reaction from them, and a couple mistakes from us."

On his team’s aggressiveness:

"Today was a game where, especially in the second half, we showed a lot of determination to go forward, courage to go and battle, I thought the boys did great in the second half. I would like to see that more often at home, especially in the first half. But the boys did a great job today in that part. They matched well against a good team – this is the team that people are saying is the team – and we got the lead twice. You know what, I thought we were close today for the three points."

On the difference between the first and second halves:

"The game sometimes changes colors, sometimes you don’t find that aggressiveness for many reasons, but then second half everything just came together. I thought the boys were pushing and going forward, and aggressive – that was great. I was glad to see our team today in the second half."

On Atiba Harris’ performance:

"Very happy for him. I thought Atiba brings us that energy. Such a professional player who is always working. He knew that he didn’t have a good year last year, and the opportunity that the club is providing to him, he is embracing it and doing a great job. I am very happy for him, he is bringing the goals that we need, but we need that. He’s a forward. We were happy for him, and the team."

On giving up goals immediately after scoring:

"Especially on the second one… we were leading the game again and we wanted to keep pressuring. The message from the bench was, let’s calm, let’s control the game first,  they’re going to react, but let’s control. But the boys didn’t want it, they want to keep going and then we pressure high, and then force a long ball, and they get that space. I can’t blame these guys to want to be aggressive at home, and I think the atmosphere that the fans put into the game as well, encouraged them. Unfortunately we gave up that goal in the moment that we needed to have control of the game first."