Video Trailer: Documentary on Bob Bradley's task in Egypt

An hour-long documentary by Soura Films, 2013.

In the middle of the Egyptian revolution and in a region where American policies are not welcomed, Bob Bradley takes the job of the Manager of the Egyptian National Soccer Team. The film follows the rebuilding of Egypt towards democracy alongside Bradley's rebuilding of the team and taking Egypt to the World Cup, Brazil 2014.

The unprecedented access and the behind the scenes of Bob and Lindsay Bradley, their personal ups and downs in Egypt, the heated political situation in Egypt, and the unique coverage of the Egyptian team's camps and games, all of this make this film a must see.


A little while ago ESPN's Outside the Lines did a long piece on former MLS and U.S. National Team coach Bob Bradley and what he's been presented with in trying to lead Egypt to the World Cup. Now comes this 14 minute trailer of a film giving us more exclusive access to the American's task overseas.

Not sure more needs to be writter. I'm looking forward to watching this.


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Saturday, July 1